Reborn-Art Festival

Altruism and Fluidity [ Second Term ]  August 20 (SAT) – October 2 (SUN), 2022    *Closed on August 24 (WED), September 7 (WED), 14 (WED)

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What is Reborn-Art Festival?

What is Reborn-Art Festival?

Mainly held in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, Reborn-Art Festival is a comprehensive festival of art, music, and food. Based on the concept of “Reborn-Art” as a means of living, it started in 2017 in the area devasted by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Marking the tenth anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the third edition of the festival is held over two separate periods in consideration of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Under the theme of “Altruism and Fluidity,” Reborn-Art Festival is organized in two terms in, respectively, summer 2021 and summer 2022.

At a time when the globe is once again assailed by new uncertainties caused by a disastrous war, we aspire to present a vision of a new world never seen before through sharing a wide range of artistic expression.


Art That Invites Visitors to an Unknown World

Etsuko and Koichi Watari serve as curators of Reborn-Art Festival 2021–22: Second Term. Twenty-one artists and groups exhibit mainly new works in Central Ishinomaki and Oshika Peninsula. There are previously shown artworks that have become permanent exhibits.

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Music That Fosters Connections and Recovery

Reborn-Art Festival’s music this year expresses connections to art and food while also forming images of recovery and rebirth. The festival plans to hold a live concert with sensitive guest artists at the white shell beach in Oginohama.

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Food That Creates Cycles and Encounters

Visitors can enjoy food at restaurants and informal eating establishments, prepared by chefs from Ishinomaki and beyond who harness the food resources of Ishinomaki. These elaborate food sessions will usher in a wide range of encounters.

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What is Ishinomaki like?


Ishinomaki is the second largest city after Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture in Tohoku. The area is about 554 square kilometers and the population is about 140,000. The Oshika Peninsula in the southeast is an area rich in nature with one of the world's three major fishing grounds off Kinkasan.

It was badly damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the number of victims of tsunami was the worst among all the municipalities. Their gradual recovery, however, will be seen.

Come and experience the "art," "music," and "food" that the artists create by experiencing the history and local character of Ishinomaki.

It is only about 2.5 hours from Tokyo to Ishinomaki.
Ishinomaki city is located on the coast of Miyagi Prefecture in the Tohoku Region of Japan. It takes about one hour and a half from Tokyo to Sendai Station via Shinkansen bullet train. And it takes about one hour from Sendai Station to Ishinomaki city. Please visit Ishinomaki to enjoy rich nature as you come closer to Ishinomaki and the scenery outside the window that changes in different seasons.

“Advance sale” tickets and “Miyagi citizen’s discount” are available.
Fee of Reborn-Art Passport

Price List
(Until August 19)
General admission
Advance3,000YEN in tax(Until August 19)
Same-day3,500YEN in tax
High school, college
and university studens
(Student ID required)
Advance2,500YEN in tax(Until August 19)
Advance3,000YEN in tax
Miyagi citizen
(ID with address required))
2,000YEN in tax
  • - To see artworks (both indoor and outdoor) interspersed in each area, you need to check in with the Reborn-Art Passport and your ID item with photo.

  • - With the passport, you can view the artworks repeatedly during the festival (except when the festival is closed: August 24, September 7 and 14).Entry is free for those who are junior high school students or younger, and those who have the handicapped person’s passbook. (For fee-charging events, there are other requirements.) When you check in on the day of your visit, we confirm your age or the handicapped person’s passbook and issue the Passport.

  • - The Miyagi Citizen’s Passport is only available for citizens of Miyagi Prefecture. At the check-in, we confirm the Passport holder’s ID and address.

  • - Some artworks and events require an extra charge for viewing and participation.

  • - Some artworks require advance reservations.

  • - Parking is available in each area of the festival. Parking is free of charge for passport holders (excluding Central Ishinomaki area).

Two types of passports to choose

Features of paper passport
- Easy to purchase locally
- Cash settlement is available
- Able to take it home as a memento
- Available only at the limited dealers
Features of online passport
- Purchasable anytime, anywhere
- Cashless
- Full of useful functions
- Easy to book events
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  • *During the festival period, the paper passport can be purchased at the information.
  • *One online Reborn-Art Passport is available per person. When you want plural passports for your family, each family member needs to purchase the passport for him/herself. The e-mail you receive after the purchase or the QR code you get on your smartphone is your Passport.
  • *Those who are not accessible to the Internet can purchase the Passport at a store or at the information desk.


Reborn-Art Festival 2021-22
Second Term
Altruism and Fluidity

[ Period ]

August 20 (SAT) – October 2 (SUN), 2022
*Closed on August 24 (WED),
September 7 (WED), 14 (WED)

[ Venue ]

Ishinomaki City
(Central Ishinomaki,
Memorial Park area, Watanoha),

Oshika Peninsula
(Momonoura-Oginohama, Ayukawa)

in Miyagi Prefecture

[ Viewing Times ]

Ishinomaki City area
10:00 - 17:00 (final admission at 16:30)

Oshika Peninsula area

10:00 - 16:00
(final admission at 15:30)

Saturdays, Sundays,
Public holidays
10:00 - 17:00
(final admission at 16:30)

*Hours may differ depending on the facility and work.

[ Organizers ]

Reborn-Art Festival Executive Committee
ap bank

[ Co-organizers ]

Miyagi Prefecture /
Ishinomaki City /
Shiogama City /
Higashimatsushima City /
Matsushima Town /
Onagawa Town /
Kahoku Shimpo Publishing Co. /
JR East-Sendai

[ Grant ]

The Agency for Cultural Affairs,
Government of Japan in the fiscal

[ Sponsors ]


[ Supporters ]

Tohoku Broadcasting Co., Ltd. /
Sendai Television Incorporated /
Miyagi Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. /

[ Special cooperation ]

Reborn-Art Festival Ishinomaki Executive Committee

[ Cooperation ]

Ishinomaki Mill, Nippon Paper Industries Co., Ltd.
Ishinomaki Senshu University
FSX, Inc.

Information on this website is valid as of June 22, 2021.
Changes may occur due to the spread of COVID-19.
We would like to ask for your understanding beforehand.
For the latest information, please check this website.

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